Bialetti Induction Plate – Makes your aluminum Moka Pots induction ready!


Bialetti Brikka Induction Plate turns your stove top aluminum moka pots in to induction compatible moka pots!

A practical and versatile tool for the kitchen, this induction hob adapter was designed by Bialetti to allow aluminium coffee makers to correctly function on induction hobs. Available in 13cm and 20cm size.

The Induction Plate is made from high-gauge steel and is available in 2 sizes:

13cm diameter – suitable for Bialetti Moka Express Stovetops up to 6 cups

20cm diameter – suitable for all Bialetti Moka Express and Cookwares with a base diameter no greater than 20cm



The Induction Plate can be washed in a dishwasher, although hand washing is recommended in order to maintain the life of the product. Not suitable for microwave use. 


  • Place the Induction Plate on the heat source
  • Place the prepared coffee maker on the plate
  • Turn on the induction hob to a medium heat (do not choose the highest heat setting as the Induction plate may overheat)
  • When the coffee is ready, turn off the induction hob and remove the coffee maker from the plate
  • Allow the plate to cool on a suitable surface since the base of the plate will reach high temperatures.

Safety note: Do not use the Induction Plate by itself on the heat source or the plate itself will overheat. For example, do not turn on your Induction Plate and then prepare your Bialetti stovetop, leaving the Induction Plate to “warm up”. It is similar to leaving a frying pan empty on a heat source that could result in the frying pan being warped or damaged. Once your Bialetti stovetop is prepared with water and coffee, only then should you turn on and use your Induction Plate.


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Bialetti Induction Plate – Makes your aluminum Moka Pots induction ready!

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